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O Networking Background

O Networking is a brand inspired by everyday life issues which may not linger more than they do with the intervention of technological solutions. We are fully committed to bringing affordable technological solutions to all and sundry.

The dream started in Nigeria, in 2008, when a friend got visually impaired, due to a failed cataract surgery. With individuals getting into worse medical conditions because they are either ignorant of technological solutions to their conditions, or they are not able to afford these tools, the push to salvage the situation arose. This birthed the research into the Visually Impaired Electronic Walking Guide, an assistive technology for visually impaired individuals, in 2012.

The first prototype of the VIEW-Guide was constructed in 2013. It was presented as an undergraduate project in The Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, in Nnamdi Azikiwe Unierisity, UNIZIK, in 2014. Further research into the VIEW-Guide was conducted in 2014, during Industrial Training at Hybrid Micro-Machine and Products.

The VIEW-Guide was first introduced at the Ebonyi State Special School for the Blind, Opefia, in 2016. This was where the device was first put to practical use by visually impaired individuals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that nobody suffers from lack of technological interventions in our modern society. That is why we serve as an unfailing assistance to everyone, regardless of religion, age, gender and class.

Our Mission

We are social entrepreneurs who strive to create a level playing field for individuals in the society by tackling critical societal challenges leveraging on technology.

Core Values

It is our utmost desire that we live up to the standards which we have set for ourselves as a corporate body and the expectations which the society has in respect of our series.

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